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Growing companies from all technology sectors are welcome to pitch to a panel of investors, advisors and industry experts.

Pitches are either by 10 minute virtual or longer in-person slots, with plenty of time for Q&A, evaluations and networking included.

Presenters receive same-day scorecards, a video of their pitch within a day, feedback from advisors and investors, industry connections, access to funding opportunities as well as lunch and a networking reception.

Pitch at DiscoveryLab@AgSmart

You are invited to register for DiscoveryLab@AgSmart satellite event on Monday July 29, 2024 from 9am-5pm at Werklund Lecture Theatre and Lobby on the Olds College of Agriculture & Technology. This state-of-the-art meeting space offers comfortable seating for 150 people, wifi and plenty of space to network.

Pitches in all technology sectors are welcome, and priority for in-person slots will given to those focussed on agtech and agribusiness. Presenters are invited to state their need, whether for legal, export, financial or marketing advice, industry partners, space, recruitment, investment or angel funding.

Hotel information: book soon to ensure availability.

This event is organized in partnership with AgSmart, CARIN, FCC, Flokk and Olds College.

Agtech presenters:

bill mitchellBill Mitchell, Founder, Optiweigh, an automated in-paddock livestock weighing that delivers tangible benefits to any size cattle operation.

Darren WolchynDarren Wolchyn, Founder & CEO, Smart Paddock on location tracking and status monitoring system for livestock animals, assets and farms

David LerouxDavid Leroux, CEO, Circulus Agtech Cannafish, producing liquid organic fertilizer for the greenhouse industry

Doug KirilloDouglas Kirillo, CEO AltaGreen Products Inc. developing infrastructure to support growing, processing, and sales for the hemp market

Hamid	AbdelrhmanHamid Abdelrhman, CEO, Canvita, providing access to get vitamins regardless of dietary restrictions, or religious and personal beliefs.

Joshua Day ChiefJoshua Day Chief, CEO, AdvancedAg, on cultivation, blending and stabilization of microbial strains to enhance agricultural outcomes.

Jumai AbioyeJumai Abioye, CEO & Founder, PanAcces Innovations Inc., providing portable tools and devices and smart platforms for comprehensive, data-driven insights for use in farms, fields, and homes.

moMark Olson, President, Flokk Systems providing systems for herd management and traceability reporting.

Nafaa Haddou
 Nafaa Haddou,co-Founder and CEO, Nu Terra Labs, developing control systems to meet the needs of farmers as well as FireSafe detection

nixon chenNixon Chen, Founder & CEO, EmersonGrow providing energy efficient LED Agri-Grow lighting solutions to grow foods and increase yields.

pankaj Pankaj Purwar, Co-Founder, Farmer's Legacy Biotech, creating healthy and sustainable oil for Canadian consumers

rebecca ungRebecca Ung, Founder, Kumu Corporation, developing plastic alternatives from food, plant materials, and minerals.

Robert SaikRobert Saik, CEO, AGvisorPRO, mobile platform for connecting experts and companies and those seeking agriculture advice

Stanley	PankratzStanley Pankratz, President and CEO, Rainforest Algae Corp, developing photobioreactor systems for the cultivation of microalgae

Styn Nieuwenhuis
Styn Nieuwenhuis, Founder, FeedXchange, transforming the livestock industry through a platform to source feed ingredients

Tayab SoomroTayab Soomro, co-Founder and CEO, PathoScan developing in-field pathogen and disease testing devices for a variety of crop diseases

Presenters from all other sectors:

mardinMardin (Asghar) Fallah, Founder, RNA Y and Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical Genetics, University of Alberta

mgMustafa Gül, CEO, City Scan Technologies, providing AI-powered cost-effective and scalable infrastructure assessment solutions

sara saeediSara Saeedi, Researcher, University of Calgary and Innovation Program Project Director, Open Geospatial Consortium

Mohammadhasan Davoodi, Entrepreneur, DeepCanon Inc., offering solutions including an online saffron marketplace and an intelligent ICU to prevent sepsis


Todd OrmannJoy AgnewTodd Ormann, Vice President Development, and Joy Agnew, Vice President, Research, Olds College of Agriculture and Technology, will open our in-person event.

The in-person agtech sessions will start on July 29 at 10:30 am, with a lunch break and coffee break in the afternoon. The sector-agnostic virtual session will start first thing in the morning.

The panel of investors includes representatives from AltaML, Carrot Ventures, FCC, Foresight Canada, SVG Ventures, THRIVE, Tallgrass Ventures, and the University of Alberta Innovation Fund.

We're also a panel entitled From Idea to Impact: Building Startups with Purpose Description on July 31 from 3pm where incubators and accelerators will discuss their strategies for supporting high-growth agtech companies at the forefront of agricultural innovation.

We will explore the unique challenges and opportunities within the agtech sector, highlighting success stories and the pivotal role these organizations play in nurturing the startups that are revolutionizing the agriculture industry.

Panelists will share insights into mentorship, funding, networking, and the essential resources they provide to help agtech companies thrive in a competitive market.

See the world differently. Tell your story.

DiscoveryLab offers events where teams pitch plans to a panel of investors and advisors, and keynote talks are offered on a theme. Scalable innovations in any sector, location or stage of development are presented as are transformative technologies for diagnostics, medical devices, therapeutics, biotech, agtech, AI, cleantech, edtech, food/drinks, materials, energy, environment and resources.

We welcome new members including investors, industry experts and business advisors to join in to advise the diversity of teams presenting.

Presenters receive constructive feedback on the business plan summary and slidedeck they submit beforehand, a video recording of their pitch, an evaluation and scores, new connections and leads for funding.

Note: Teams that are pitching are invited to submit their business plan summary at least two weeks before the event to qualify for a slot and gain feedback to strengthen their pitch.

Presenters can also check out our Presenter Guide.

Our aims are to play a positive role by:

1. building trust and mutual understanding to ensure sustainable and rewarding multi-party relationships,

2. identifying major challenges that require innovative thinking,

3. mapping out precompetitive spaces for open-source collaboration,

4. developing fair and reasonable intellectual property strategies for progression and scalable funding,

5. structuring and optimizing core activities and facilities for supporting innovation, and 

6. increasing data quality, reproducibility and decisiveness while eliminating unnecessary duplication and costs.

We welcome collaborators and partners who are interested in working together to support the innovation ecosystem.

For clarity, DiscoveryLab does not recommend advisors or investors, make investments or provide funding, but can make introductions. Each person and company has the responsibility of obtaining legal advice and performing due diligence before signing contracts or taking investments.

Funding Programs

Edmonton Edge Fund with $5 million for local tech and innovation is launching this year.

Post-Secondary Institution Business Development Support for students, faculty and staff at Edmonton’s post-secondary institutions: Executives in Residence access and up to 150 hours of free advice.

Alberta Export Expansion Program is resuming funding for the development of export markets for Alberta’s SMEs through the reimbursement of international business travel costs.

Alberta’s Hydrogen Centre of Excellence is making $20 million available over 24 months to support hydrogen production, storage, transmission, end-use projects under its Advancing Hydrogen - Competition 1 program.

Business Development Support (BDS) program open call for students, staff and alumni of Edmonton-based postsecondaries wanting to connect to industry specific expertise they need. Apply here.

BDC has launched of Thrive Venture Fund and Lab for Women, a $500-million investment platform to support the growth and economic impact of Canadian women-led businesses.

Canadian Digital Adoption Program from the Government of Canada is offering startups and SMEs grants to grow their online presence and upgrade and adopt digital technologies.

Capital City Pilots for Edmonton-based startups to test pilot-ready IP. using $10,000 in expert support, exclusive access to municipal clients, and resources.

Experiential Learning in Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (ELITE) Program for Black Youth age 15-22.

Local accelerators include: