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Register to present your business plan in 10 minutes in any sector, location or stage. Startups, new ventures and SMEs looking to commercialize novel agricultural, artificiaI intelligence, biotech, energy, and medical technologies are the most common, but all those interested in developing innovative solutions are welcome.

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Presenters on June 22 included:

12:30 Introductions and sharing of news

1:00  Franc Kamugyisha is CEO & Founder of Ecoplastile Limited, a waste management company based in Uganda.

1:10  Laura Patterson-Fortin, Research Scientist at BioLargo Water, which develops wastewater treatment systems.

1:30  Tanveer Ahmad, Director/CEO, AMRICH-Inc, which is developing industrial applications of chitosan materials.

1:40  TJ Zastrow, Founder, Thesis2, is helping small indie brands to find customers and to launch virtual local markets.

1:50  Tonya Marier, Founder, Flarechain Technology, which aims to reduce green house gas emissions caused by flaring and usefully repurpose that energy.

2:00  Audrey Bond, Founder of Ottawa-based Vaultt, an information management platform for families.

2:20  Hagay Levy, Founder & CEO, Iluria Ltd(Israel) on a remote patient monitoring for mental health disorders.

2:40  Jeremie Bourqui, CEO, Wave View Imaging is developing a microwave signal system to measure breast tissue properties.

2:50  Kim Solez, President and CEO, JustMachines Inc. a centre for futurism in medicine based at the University of Alberta.

3:00  Amir Sanati Nezhad, Founder, Critcare Dx offers lab-on-chip detection of biological, environmental, diagnostic and pharmaceutical molecules.

3:10  Michael Stewart, President & CEO, IMBiotechnologies Ltd is developing first-in-class biodegradable embolic agent for conditions including cancer.

3:20  Rineke Steenbergen, Research Scientist, Medical Microbiology and Immunology Dept, UAlberta on a LKS hepatocyte cell line

3:30  Mike Kolber, Professor, Family Medicine UAlberta on EMPRSS for improving patient outcomes and generating health system efficiencies

3:50 open discussion.

Presenters on April 22, 2021 included:

Session 1 Chair: Val McCarty, Kudosee

14:00 Grant Kelba, Regenitech Canada
14:20 John Ralston, CEO and Founder, PROTXX Inc.
14:40 Michael J. Weickert, PhD, CEO, Pacylex Pharmaceuticals

Session 2 Chair: Ana Clementin, Health City

15:00 Barry Farquharson, CEO, Nova Green Inc.
15:20 Ty McKinney, Co-Founder, 8 Bit Cortex
15:40 Danika Kelly, Co-Founder, My Normative Inc.

Session 3 Chair: Kim Nguyen, Startup Advisor

16:00 Stephen Ferry, Director, Hermod Medical
16:20 Carlos Cervera, Medical Director Transplant Infectious Diseases, UAlberta
16:40 Mathew Diggle, Founder & CEO,  TestNTravel

Ty McKinney pitched  8 Bit Cortex at DiscoveryLab and is looking for advisors as he and his team look to address a challenge identified at NeuroNexus.

You are encouraged to apply and obtain free expert advice from members of our panel of 170+ business mentors and investors. Over 234 teams have pitched at our meetings and have given us positive feedback on their experiences. Our alumni have raised >$125M in the past 2 years. New and returning presenters and advisors are welcome to register.

Our aims are to play a positive role by:

1. building trust and mutual understanding to ensure sustainable and rewarding multi-party relationships,

2. identifying major challenges that require innovative thinking,

3. mapping out precompetitive spaces for open-source collaboration,

4. developing fair and reasonable intellectual property strategies for progression and scalable funding,

5. structuring and optimizing core activities and facilities for supporting innovation, and 

6. increasing data quality, reproducibility and decisiveness while eliminating unnecessary duplication and costs.

We welcome collaborators and partners who are interested in working together to support the innovation ecosystem.

For clarity, DiscoveryLab does not recommend advisors or investors or provide funding, but can make introductions. Each person and company has the responsibility of obtaining legal advice and performing due diligence before signing contracts or taking investments.

Background on DiscoveryLab

DiscoveryLab is an open forum for academics, start-ups and SMEs to explore opportunities to commercialize new technologies and develop their plans to launch new products and services.

Michael Overduin found DiscoveryLab in 2017 based on his experience in running Science Capital as a nonprofit company in the UK since 2010. He leads NANUC and a structural biology lab at the University of Alberta. His research group studies proteins involved in Alzheimer's, cancer and prion diseases, and develops polymer-based nanoparticles and lead molecules for drug discovery.

We organize events each quarter where anyone can pitch their business plan at no cost in private to a panel of legal, business, marketing, financial and investment experts who give independent feedback. Teams are welcome to return to present as many times as they wish as they make progress and develop new needs.

Our panel of 170+ advisors offers $3 billion to invest, and there is the potential to attract significant support as well as practical advice and strategic guidance.

Anyone is welcome to pitch their idea and plan to scale their discovery to make a difference to society. Our events book up, so register soon and submit your executive summary to us confirm your slot.

NANUC NMR chamber

NANUC chamber at the University of Alberta


DiscoveryLab was initiated in order to share expertise and facilities and was launched by Michael Overduin and coworkers with a grant from the John R. Evans Leaders Fund awarded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Alberta Innovates, Department of Economic Development and Trade, and the Province of Alberta, as announced at NANUC by the Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan in 2016.