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High growth companies from all technology sectors are welcome to pitch to a panel of investors with prioirity areas including energy, agriculture, artificial intelligence, health & life sciences.

Pitches are either by 10 minute virtual or in-person slots, with time for Q&A, evaluations and networking included.

Presenters receive same-day scorecards, a video of their pitch within a day, feedback on business development, industry connections and funding opportunities and networking reception.

Pitch at DiscoveryLab@AgSmart on July 29

Companies and new ventures are welcome to register to pitch on July 29, 2024, with priority given to those focussed on agtech and agbusiness. Organized in partnership with AgSmart, CARIN, FCC and Olds College.

April 17, 2024 presenters, attendees, agenda & report

Virtual Session 1 chaired by Stephen Urquhart, Manager, IRDC

lc7:10 Lana Cuthbertson, Founder & CEO, Areto Labs, a B2B SaaS startup building machine learning technology for improving digital communities.

gk7:20 Greg Kawchuk, Founder & CEO, Augment that, projecting medical images such as CT scans directly onto a patient's moving body.

ak7:35 Amreesh Khanna, CEO & Founder, empowering dentists to improve treatment & acceptance through AI and patient engagement.

Virtual Session 2 chaired by Maryam Hejazi, DiscoveryLab

am7:45 Ameneh Madjd, COO & Co-Founder, D2Type developing a mobile app to empower at-risk individuals to prevent & reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

sumrita8:00 Sumrita Bhat, CEO, Conlis Global, is commercializing a synthetic bone void filler for traumatic bone fracture and injuries

tm8:10 Trevor MacDonald, Owner, Discover Juno, safely connecting women with other nearby women for walks, commutes and transport on-the-fly.

10:00 Opening of in-person by Sheetal Mehta Walsh, CEO, UA Innovation Fund.

Agtech Session 1 chaired by Isabella Bagni, UAIF

mo10:10 Mark Olson, President, Flokk Systems providing systems for herd management and traceability reporting.

gs10:20 Geoffrey Shmigelsky, CTO, OneCup AI deploying AI BETSY, a computer vision system that can identify and track animals uniquely.

Agtech Session 2 chaired by Mark Redmond, CEO, RDAR

lj10:45 Lourdes Juan, Founder, Knead Technologies, providing food organizations with a platform to connect waste with food reuse.

ab10:55 Zoom: Aaron Barr, CEO, Canadian Rockies Hemp Corp on the development of processed hemp fiber at scale to meet industry needs.

Biotech Session 1 chaired by Mahek Seth, Lead Financial Analyst, UAIF

nk11:20 Nir Katchinskiy, CEO & Founder, Pulse Medica building revolutionary technology to image and treat vitreoretinal disease.

cc11:30 Colin Coros, COO, Nanostics, a clinical-stage precision health company developing diagnostic tests for cancer.

Biotech Session 2 chaired by Jude Barros, Due Diligence Lead, UAIF

jm11:55 John McDougall, CEO, SynBioBlox Innovations Ltd. using synthetic biology to convert GHG emissions into valuable products..

jm12:05 John Murphy, CEO, Bio-stream Diagnostics Inc. offering a platform for rapid diagnostic tests based on antibody binding.

Medical Devices Session chaired by Tasha Klebe, Backroad Accounting

km12:50 Kelly Mottet, COO, MACH32 Inc., a medical device company creating drug delivery solutions to health concerns.

jr13:00 Jana Rieger, CEO & co-Founder, True Angle, developing wearable digital devices for restoring swallowing function in patients.

Health AI Session chaired by Maryam Hejazi, DiscoveryLab

sg13:25 Sarah Glofcheskie, CEO & Founder, on a health and wellbeing tracker & insight generating app for autistic children.

sp13:35 Shaneel Pathak, CEO and Cofounder, Zamplo offering a platform that allows individuals and researchers to record and share health data.

Engineering Session 1 chaired by Ken Hein, Sound MC

mg14:00 Mustafa Gül, CEO, City Scan Technologies, providing AI-powered cost-effective and scalable infrastructure assessment solutions

da14:10 David Antoniuk, CEO, Dark Matter Materials providing on-demand H2 from water using a revolutionary nanocatalyst.

Engineering Session 2 chaired by Jared Smith, JS Advisory

mk14:35 Mike Krokis, President, Dune Engineering providing energy auditing, modeling, commissioning and recommissioning services.

mc14:45 Marc Colombina, VP of Operations, Director, Terrapin, unlocking the inherent value of waste heat and geothermal energy.

gma14:55 Ghulam Muhammad Ali, CEO, SensiImage Technologies, developing mobile crane communication and safety systems.

Biotech Session 3 chaired by Diana Shaw, Shaw Solutions

pl15:20 Peter Light, CSO, Fringe Field Technologies commercializing a wearable device for monitoring multiple biomarkers.

ds15:30 Daniel Nisakar Meenakshi Sundaram, RJH Biosciences, developing nucleic acid-based delivery agents foe leukemia therapy.

15:40 Closing Discussions followed by Networking Session

See the world differently. Tell your story.

DiscoveryLab offers events where teams pitch plans to a panel of investors and advisors, and keynote talks are offered on a theme. Scalable innovations in any sector, location or stage of development are presented as are transformative technologies for diagnostics, medical devices, therapeutics, biotech, agtech, AI, cleantech, edtech, food/drinks, materials, energy, environment and resources.

We welcome new members including investors, industry experts and business advisors to join in to advise the diversity of teams presenting.

Presenters receive constructive feedback on the business plan summary and slidedeck they submit beforehand, a video recording of their pitch, an evaluation and scores, new connections and leads for funding.

Note: Teams that are pitching are invited to submit their business plan summary at least two weeks before the event to qualify for a slot and gain feedback to strengthen their pitch.

Presenters can also check out our Presenter Guide.

Our aims are to play a positive role by:

1. building trust and mutual understanding to ensure sustainable and rewarding multi-party relationships,

2. identifying major challenges that require innovative thinking,

3. mapping out precompetitive spaces for open-source collaboration,

4. developing fair and reasonable intellectual property strategies for progression and scalable funding,

5. structuring and optimizing core activities and facilities for supporting innovation, and 

6. increasing data quality, reproducibility and decisiveness while eliminating unnecessary duplication and costs.

We welcome collaborators and partners who are interested in working together to support the innovation ecosystem.

For clarity, DiscoveryLab does not recommend advisors or investors, make investments or provide funding, but can make introductions. Each person and company has the responsibility of obtaining legal advice and performing due diligence before signing contracts or taking investments.