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We are committed to assisting entrepreneurs, new ventures and startups on their journey through the valley of death.

Our quarterly events showcase the latest innovations that are being designed by our fellow academics, scientists and engineers, with over 325 plans being pitched at DiscoveryLab over the past 6 years, as well as 50 plans pitched at Science Capital since 2010.

Together with these teams we seek to improve lives, society and the state of our planet, while also enabling economic diversification and creating jobs for graduates.

We request your support as we help to bring new therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices, food and energy sources, and technologies to live more sustainably out of the lab and into the market.

You will be given complimentary in-person and virtual event tickets, invitations and news, as well as access to the pitch videos, decks, plans, scores and reports.

Become a member now by subscribing below or a make a donation of $200 (only $16.67/month) to our campaign to support our events and services, or contact us if you have questions.