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The research infrastructure in Edmonton where DiscoveryLab is based includes numerous open access facilities to help researchers.

If you run a facility and are looking to engage high tech companies in any field of research feel free to contact us to list your open access facility here, as we'd like to encourage sharing of publicly funded technologies and resources.

Research facilities and centres available in Edmonton include the following:

Biophysics: Biacore T200, Nanotemper Monolith, Biorad CFX, Wyatt MALS
Cell Imaging/Microscopy
Clinical Trials: Cancer
Clinical Trials: Cardiovascular
Clinical Trials: NACTRC
Computational chemistry
Containment: Prions
Containment: Viruses
Electron Microscopy
Glycan Structure
Flow Cytometry
ISAIC (Industry Sandbox and Artificial Intelligence Computing)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Mass Spectrometry/Chem
Mass Spec/Metabolomics
Mass Spec/Proteomics
Medicinal chemistry
Molscreen for ligand discovery
Nanofabrication and nanoscale characterization
Polymers and SMALP system
Pharmaceutical design: DDIC
NANUC entry
NANUC, Canada's national high field NMR facility